What do you need to know about breast reduction surgery in gurgaon?

What do you need to know about breast reduction surgery in gurgaon?

August 3, 2018


What are the problems caused by overgrown breasts?

  • Pain in the back, neck, and shoulder
  • Rashes or skin irritation
  • Deep grooves in the shoulders because of the extreme pressure of bra straps
  • Constrained activity
  • Poor self-image
  • Obscurity while trying to fit into bras and other dresses

The major issue of having a low self-appreciation needs to be soughed. Every individual has the right to love themselves. Neither the age is a barrier or your gender.

Who should not seek Breast reduction surgery in gurgaon?

  • Women who have not yet developed their breasts completely.
  • Women who have not given birth even once.
  • Women who are having problems getting pregnant.

What are the risks involved in Breast reduction surgery?

  • The possibility of leaving scars or marks.
  • Loss of sensation
  • Inability to breastfeed
  • Poor healing

Though your doctor will examine and evaluate you on the grounds of your medical history, body mass index and overall health, you still need to prepare yourself for certain things if you are considering this surgery. You should know that your appearance will change drastically, the size of both breasts may not be identical and there are precautions you need to adhere to in the future. When you are planning for this surgery, take pictures of your breasts before and after the surgery and keep it for your record. You must also discuss with your doctor about the type of anesthesia you would prefer during the surgery.

The doctor will also ask you to undergo several tests like a mammography and quit any bad habits like smoking, drinking etc. if you have any. You are not allowed to take aspirin, food supplements or any anti-inflammatory medicines before the surgery. This would keep the bleeding under control. Breast reduction surgery in gurgaon offers you all these benefits with a probability of going back home the same day after surgery.