Brachial Plexus Reconstruction In Gurgaon, Brachial Plexus Surgery In Gurgaon

Brachial Plexus Reconstruction In Gurgaon

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Brachial Plexus Surgery (Obstetrics)

The unfortunates event of loss of function of one of the limb from birth is an aspect which is very traumatic to the parents at the same time is also detrimental for the physical development of the child.

Unfortunately a great degree of misconceptions are prevalent in the society regarding the recovery of the functions.

Child with birth palsy should always be evaluated by a brachial plexus surgeon and can be operated as early as 3 months and not later than 6 months to get the maximum improvements in function, there are many secondary deformities associated in children who recover partially, which need to correct at appropriate age.

Adult Brachial Plexus

As for the childhood (obstetric) brachial plexus palsy, the adult palsy also has fair share of myths associated with it, and precious time gets lost in waiting for spontaneous recovery.

By clinical examination, MRI and EMG/NCV study fairly accurate predictions can be made about the possibility of spontaneous recovery, and, in those patient where recovery is not possible, it makes no points waiting but to do a surgical intervention as early as 2 months from the date of injury in order to recover maximum possible function. Each and every day. Makes a great impacts on overall recovery.

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