What are the various types of Reconstructive surgery in Gurgaon that you need to know?

What are the various types of Reconstructive surgery in Gurgaon that you need to know?

August 3, 2018


Reconstructive surgery aims at restoring the shape as well as functions of different body parts that owing to various factors, either present since birth or acquired later in life, are treated using surgical methods. Patients who suffered deformation or loss of a portion of a ligament are now blessed with an opportunity to look flawless with reconstructive surgery in Gurgaon. These methods were earlier available only abroad and at a cost that was too difficult to be borne by a middle-class family. Several acid attack victims or cancer survivors had to compromise with their looks, but now with advanced methods, and easy availability of treatment, there is a ray of hope for such patients. A child does not need to adjust only because of a flaw that makes him look different from others.

Reconstructive surgery in gurgaon is suitable for any damage that occurred to your body, either by birth or due to some accident. But what are the different types of reconstructive surgeries practiced by doctors?

What are the different types of Reconstructive surgeries in gurgaon?

Breast reconstruction

Women lose their confidence after the removal of breast owing to the treatment for breast cancer. To help such women who are the victim of such a severe disease, reconstructive surgeries is a blessing in disguise. She may again feel proud of her voluptuous curves and attractive looks instead of refraining from stepping out and embracing the world.

Breast reduction

While some women are facing the loss of breasts, others are tired of listening to the comments because they are heavier and look mature than their age. Society is judgmental and we can’t change them. But with reconstructive surgery, we can change the way we look at ourselves.

Cleft lip and palate repair

Many times children are victim to accidents that steal their right to smile. In school, college, playground and everywhere else, these kids are prone to bullying and other such incidents which decrease their faith in themselves. Reconstructive surgery can help these kids relive their childhood. Not just that, even those elders who are facing this problem do not need to compromise anymore. All you need to do is approach the right clinic and doctor.

Hand or foot surgery

The majority of accidents affect our limbs. Hands or feet are essential for our daily routine. Animating them can solve the problem of various people who are silent victims of discrimination at work, just because of a distorted limb.

Skin cancer removal

Cancer is deadly, but watching your body after the treatment is even more critical. Treatment for skin cancer requires reconstructive surgery.

Scar reduction

An accident is remembered by the scars it left on your body. Every time you would look at it, you will feel bad. If there is a solution that can help you get rid of these marks that lower down your confidence, why think again?

Filling the empty area of a wound is what tissue expansion or reconstructive surgeries aims at. It uses a critical technique of skin regeneration to make you as attractive as you always were.