Your guide to choosing a plastic surgeon in gurgaon

Your guide to choosing a plastic surgeon in gurgaon

September 27, 2018


There comes a time in our life when some of us might feel like we need change in our appearance, because we are not satisfied with the way are looking. And at this point you might start considering the option of plastic/cosmetic surgery in order to enhance your appearance. And if you have reached this point, then there will be a lot of questions going around in your head regarding the correct procedure for you, and what the potential outcome of the surgery will be like, as so on. What most people tend to ignore is one very important question, which might then up giving you relatively satisfactory answers to all the other questions you might have, which is the correct choice of plastic surgeon. This has to be the biggest concern when you are considering plastic surgery, because when you are in safe hands, you can expect a very satisfactory end result.

The choice of the correct plastic surgeon becomes so important because in modern timesyou have such a confusing array of aesthetic and cosmetic procedure being offered to you, in various settings, ranging from hospitals to shopping malls and beauty parlors. So there will definitely be a lot of questions running around in your head as to what the best procedure for you is, and what is the best place you can get it done from. And the person who can give you the best answers to these questions is a good surgeon. Because they will know which procedure suits you and what is the best place to get it done when they understand your problem.

Therefore it becomes very important that you find a doctor whom you can trust when you have decided to undergo cosmetic surgery. Even if you are planning to undergo a very minor procedure, it is important that you have complete faith and confidence in your surgeon to get the job done. So that you will end up looking the way you want. You should know that they are competent enough to handle any unforeseen complications that could arise if you are undergoing a moderate to major procedure. Because when it comes to cosmetic surgery, you have a lot at stake, your safety as well as your beauty. This is why a careful evaluation of your surgeon is crucial before you embark on a journey with them.

Some of the crucial questions to answer with regard to your plastic surgeon is whether your surgeon has the expertise to handle surgical procedures, does he/she have the necessary experience to perform the very procedure you are about to undergo and has he/she produced exceptional results on other patients. All of this can be assessed by looking into some of the following factors:


Plastic surgery is a very complex specialty which requires years of education and training. And when a doctor receives the accreditation of the medical board in the country, it means that he/she has the necessary knowledge and skills to be competent surgeon. But this is just the beginning, because during the conversation with your surgeon you have to make sure that they are keeping up with all the latest developments in the field of plastic surgery, so that they can incorporate them into their skill set. Therefore it is important that you do your own research regarding the procedure as well as the doctor before you approach them for a consultation.


The expertise of your surgeon is also inclusive of the number of times he/she has performed the said procedure you are about to undergo. Because you don’t want to be the first person they are going to be doing it on. And you also don’t want a surgeon who has performed it once or twice a long time ago, because plastic surgery is an art and a surgeon has to be in touch at all times in order to produce satisfactory results. In the modern day most surgeons are specially known for practicing certain procedures, and you have to make sure that the one you need is in the top three of that surgeon.


Recommendations are an important aspect of choosing the correct surgeon. Ask around from your family, friends or acquaintances who have undergone cosmetic surgery and if they are happy with the outcome, they are most likely to speak highly of the surgeon and recommend them to you. This will help you narrow down the field. And it is also important to listen to the negatives that people have to say about certain doctors so that you can exclude them from your list. With regard to results, it might also be helpful to ask your surgeon for ‘’before and after’’ pictures of his/her patients, so that you can see for yourself.

Once you have covered these areas and you have decided on your surgeon and scheduled an appointment with him/her, it doesn’t end there. Just because the said surgeon has been given the tick of approval in the above mentioned areas, once you meet with him/her you have to feel comfortable with them. You have to be able to build a good rapport with them, voice all the concerns you might be having regarding the procedure, and evaluate the bedside manner of the doctor. If he/she is patient in answering your questions, has a reassuring manner and is willing to talk you through the procedure till you are satisfied, then most likely you have made the correct choice. But even though the doctor meets all the above mentioned criteria and you still don’t feel comfortable after talking to him/her, then most probably should not go ahead with them and consider other options on your list. Because your level of comfort with the doctor is crucial throughout the journey.