What You Need to Know About Plastic Surgery

What You Need to Know About Plastic Surgery

July 26, 2018


What comes into your mind when you first hear of plastic surgery? It might be a Hollywood celebrity or a woman in your neighborhood with a mark on the chin or forehead. It can also be a kid that was bitten by a dog few weeks ago.Most people associate plastic surgery to cosmetics where people need to change size of breasts and other body parts. Plastic surgery is also associated with side effects of skin pealing and reformations after few months. If you have not undergone plastic surgery or witnessed it with a close friend or family member then all you know are speculations. Of course, there is some truth in the above ideas but not wholly.

What is plastic surgery?

As opposed to common beliefs, plastic does not mean any involvement of the synthetics; it means molding or reforming. Therefore, plastic surgery is a special type of procedure where a candidate changes or enhances appearance; it is not necessarily ending up with a face full of fake stuff.

There are two aspects of plastic surgery procedures; reconstructive and cosmetic.

Reconstructive procedures

These procedures are aimed at correcting defects on the face or any other body part. It can be cleft hips, ear deformities, or a nose correction. While there is no defect in our bodies considering we are all built up differently, people need to straighten up some parts of their bodies, especially on the face to match a given standard in society. Also, burns and dog bites can lead to deformities or unpleasant appearances that might need to be restored. Some skin diseases also interfere with smoothness and structure of body parts hence the need for reconstruction. Breast cancer, for instance, leads to cutting of part or whole of a breast as a treatment procedure, which significantly interferes with appearance and posture of a woman. Such patients can opt for a reconstructive procedure to enhance the look.

Cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures are also referred to as aesthetic procedures because it is purely enhancement of parts that a patient is not satisfied with. Unlike reconstruction, cosmetic procedures may not necessarily involve surgery. Typically, special components are injected in the specific part of the body, which requires enhancement. Lasers can also be used in removal of unwanted hair from different parts of the body for cosmetic purposes. Common areas in this category include increasing or decreasing size of breasts, removing excess fat from specific parts of the body, and reshaping the nose. It is all for aesthetic value hence less medical element. In fact, there are professionals that specialize in cosmetic procedures, which is increasingly becoming popular across the world.

Why teens go for plastic surgery

Teens are increasingly subscribing to reconstructive surgery in Gurgaon; the young generation is actually dominating the industry. Unlike adults who seek to stand out from the crowd by going for plastic surgery, teenagers are concerned about fitting in to society. According to a teenager’s mind, there is a standard look accepted in society, which forms part of their lives. Every teen seeks to conform to the posted elements of “good looking.’ Probably a sharp nose and pinned ears; people have different concerns when it comes to individual looks. Teens have to conform to certain measures in society.

Common concerns with teenage boys is gynecomastia; this is removal of excessive breast tissue that won’t go away even with rigorous exercise. Excessive tissue on breast is a concern for teenage boys because of societal constructions; Hollywood stars look in a certain way that becomes a standard. Birthmarks can also be an issue with teens; slight marking on the face or arms and other body parts that can easily be noticed are cleared out with laser treatment.

With teens, appearance can be a self-esteem issue; peers might be making fun of the spread out ears or tilted nose. Nothing qualifies to be defect because everyone is unique; however, standards in the world and society constructions has attributed to growth of plastic surgery and the cosmetic industry. Cosmetic is one of the costly procedures in the world today; it all depends with where and how you intend to do it.

Breast reduction, acne scar treatment, and nose reshaping are common cosmetic procedures among teenagers.

It is important to engage a specialist to feel comfortable and satisfied after the procedure because cosmetic procedures can go wrong and be a huge disappointment and embarrassment.

Things to consider

Before settling on plastic and cosmetic surgery in Gurgaon , here are a few things for you to consider.

Take time and work on your motives; are you doing it for yourself or doing to please someone else? As mentioned, everyone has something on their face that is not pleasing to their eyes, it does not necessarily mean it is a defect or wrong. Hence, first check on your drive.

Body growth is a continuous process that adjusts with age. If you are in teenage, a big nose or small breast might be seasonal. May be all you have to do is wait for the years to roll and the body will adjust proportionately.

Check whether exercise and diet are options in your weight loss quest. Let not plastic surgery be your first option because of the enormous risks involved.