Is plastic surgery really a life changing experience?

Is plastic surgery really a life changing experience?

September 27, 2018


The expectations from plastic surgery

When we mention the term ‘’plastic surgery’’ the first thing that comes to mind is a dramatic makeover which helps you become a much prettier or handsome individual. With changing times we have seen the opinions on plastic surgery and various other cosmetic procedures changing as well. Gone are the days when people used to shy away from talking about the surgical procedures they have undergone and their cosmetic journeys. Now, more and more people are keen to open up and talk more freely about this chapter in their lives including celebrities. Because cosmetic surgery is no longer thought to carry the tag of ‘unnaturalness’ as it used to. People now no longer associate it with only those surgeries which have gone wrong produced disastrous results, because in the days gone by it was only this negative aspect of plastic surgery that used to be publicized. Now as people talk more openly about it, there is increased awareness of the potential benefits of plastic surgery and how it can help you become a better person.

The reason why most people refused to talk about undergoing any type of cosmetically enhancing procedure is the fact that they were worried about being tagged as fake. They were worried about being laughed at, because they wanted to look better and more beautiful. But in the modern times, people are increasingly starting to accept this need to look beautiful, no matter if you are young or old. Because in the days gone by people used to state that they want to age naturally or gracefully and allow nature to take its course. But now, people don’t see anything wrong in wanting to improve themselves and their appearance even as they age. But the bottom line is, just like how we try to improve the various other aspects of our physical health as we age through surgery, even enhancing our appearance through surgery is one and the same. And people have now understood that you cannot call them vain for wanting to do it. Because in the end it is all about an individual wanting to maintain their level of confidence and self-respect.

Undergoing plastic surgery can therefore be a completely life changing experience for many people, because they able to explore the new found confidence that comes along with the change in appearance they achieved. They look more beautiful in their own eyes and it helps to clear their head of the many concerns they had regarding their appearance and body, and makes them less self-conscious about these so called flaws they thought they had. Even though it might not be drastic change to their appearance this new found confidence then reflects in their day to day lives, which in turn will have a positive impact on everything around them.

But this is only if the plastic surgery turns out to be an effective one. And one of the main components of achieving satisfactory results lies in our ability to have realistic expectations regarding the outcome of the surgery. Because having unnaturally high expectations of being able to completely transform your appearance is not going to help in any way, as this is not the purpose of role of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery only helps you enhance already existing features so that you look better with them, and not to give you a completely new look. The effectiveness of this outcome is also dependent on the plastic surgeon you choose to go through with. Because if you want to end up with an aesthetically pleasing result, then you have to opt for a highly skilled plastic surgeon who can give you the desired results.

Deciding whether you need plastic surgery?

Even though plastic surgery is considered a positive approach to changing your life, before you embark on this journey you have to make sure that you have made the correct decision for all the correct reasons. So if you are still not sure about, then try answering some of the questions below in order to help you decide if plastic surgery is right for you.

  • Are you thinking of undergoing plastic surgery and changing your appearance for yourself or for someone else?
  • Will you feel happier with changes you are about to achieve in your appearance?
  • Do you think you have realistic expectations regarding the outcome of the surgery and that you are not expecting a miraculous transformation regarding your appearance?
  • Have you completely understood that there are limitations to plastic surgery and everything that you want cannot be achieved through it?
  • Have you taken the necessary steps to choose the correct surgeon and the correct procedure in order to achieve the result that you desire?
  • Have built a good rapport with your surgeon and do you feel like you can ask them any question regarding the concerns you may have?
  • Are you fully aware of the surgical risks you are undertaking, as well the possible complications that can arise during the recovery and healing period?
  • Are you willing to pull through the often difficult and emotional recovery period by strictly following your surgeon’s instructions?

The answers to these questions will help you in deciding whether plastic surgery is actually the correct option for you.

The mental health benefits

In the modern day we live in a society that is visually biased. Because everything that looks good and nice is always given a thumbs up. And because of this changing perspective, people benefit greatly when they undergo plastic surgery. And this where the mental health benefits come into play. Because when people are unhappy about some part of their body and the way they look as a result of it, they tend to be more self-conscious and have reduced confidence and self-respect.

So when they undergo plastic surgery in order to get better balance of features and symmetry in their body, or gain better skin texture and bring an area of their body into complete harmony with their overall physique, it can really work wonders on their confidence and help them become more socially outward people. It helps them combat any form of social anxiety they might be having and they would become individuals who are more willing to grab opportunities that come their way rather than shying away from it. And this improvedself-esteem is translated to all the other aspects of their life as well, including the workplace. All this will definitely help an individual be in a better head space than they used to be, thereby contributing in a positive manner towards mental health as well. Because who doesn’t love feeling good about everything in their life right?

Choosing the right surgeon

In order to achieve these desirable results, it’s very important that you choose a skilled plastic surgeon. And how you go about choosing the right surgeon is by doing you research. Recommendation play a crucial role, because people are more likely to recommend a doctor when they are pleased about the results they achieved. The accreditation of a doctor is also an important aspect you have to consider, because the level of competency of a surgeon is determined by this. Where the surgeon operates and how sound these facilities are will be another indication of the surgeon. And the level of experience a doctor has with regard to the surgery you are about to undergo, will also be something you have to consider. It is only after a careful evaluation all this that you can make a decision, and take your call on the surgeon you want to go ahead with. Because you don’t want to end up regretting your decision to undergo plastic surgery, just because your surgeon cut corners and because of your poor choice in surgeon.

So to answer the question of whether plastic surgery actually changes your life?

You have to understand that it only changes your appearance or at least a part of it. And you remain the same person on the inside, as you were before. It doesn’t do anything to all the aspects of your life or any of the difficulties and stressors you might have been having in your life.

All it does is make you feel better about yourself, and this in turn can end up having a positive effect in your life, because it helps you get a better perspective of your life, giving you a more positive outlook on everything. It can help change the way you tackle things in life, which may bring about the positive effects you were hoping for. But the surgery itself cannot miraculously change anything about your life, because this is something it simply cannot do.