Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh changing the face of cosmetic surgery in Gurgaon

Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh changing the face of cosmetic surgery in Gurgaon

July 31, 2018


Experienced, Qualified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh, helping to restore people’s confidence one surgical procedure at a time

Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh is a leading cosmetic surgeon in Gurgaon, with years of providing a wide range of surgical procedures to people in and around Gurgaon. Dr. Vimalendu has become particularly popular thanks to his delivery of quality services that include aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Vimalendu’s cosmetic plastic surgery in India has helped in restoring people’s confidence, changing the face of cosmetic surgery in India.

Over the years, cosmetic surgery has grown to become a necessity, helping people to correct some parts of their body that need such procedures. However, it is not strange to hear of surgical procedures going bad, which has scared many people away from going under the knife to make corrections to parts of their bodies that require such procedures. Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh is, however, changing this narrative, ensuring that people can have their desired look and restore their confidence without the risk of the procedure going bad.

Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh through his practice offers facelift, eyelid surgery, breast reduction, lip augmentation, rhinoplasty, and hair transplant in Gurgaon. Each of the services is delivered with a perfect blend of art and science, ensuring a proper restoration, reconstruction and or alteration of any part of the human body.

Dr. Vimalendu’s unique service delivery has stood him out from others in the industry, with accolades coming from different quarters. “Reading and hearing about the horror stories of cosmetic surgeries gone wrong always kept me away from consulting a plastic surgeon. But finally, when I made up my mind to consult Dr. Brajesh from Medanta Hospital, for my broad and drooping nose, it was a pleasant surprise. Apart from the general persona what it striking of him is a great deal of effort it takes in understanding your concerns and trying to address it rather than imposing his opinion. Was very happy with the overall experience and would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in a nose job,” says Pankaj Sharma.

In addition to the services mentioned above, other procedures done by Dr. Vimalendu include nose reconstruction, ear reconstruction, post-burn deformity correction, and cleft lip and palate correction.

More information about Dr. Vimalendu and the services offered can be found on the website and Facebook.