Choosing a best plastic surgeon in gurgaon for breast augmentation

Choosing a best plastic surgeon in gurgaon for breast augmentation

September 27, 2018


What is breast augmentation?

Simply put breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that you undergo in order to increase the volume of your breast. It involves the use of artificial breast implants or the transfer of fat tissue from another part your body to your breast in order to increase your breast size. A woman’s breast, always considered a timeless symbol of femininity, is an essential component of her image and self-esteem. Therefore women who have breast that are too small, out of proportion to the rest of their body or you find that your breast size has changed following weight loss, pregnancy and with old age. All of these may be contributing factors for a woman to want to alter or restore her breast size, and this is where breast augmentation surgery can be of help to you. In medical terms breast augmentation is also referred to as augmentation mammoplasty.

The moment you start considering breast augmentation surgery no doubt you will start your research on it and try to find out as much information about it as possible. And when you start doing so, you will realize that there are various types of procedures which are available out there, and a large number of doctors who perform them. And then comes the biggest problem. ‘’How do I go about choosing the right surgeon for myself?’’

If you are asking yourself this question, then you are in the right place, because here we are going to tell how you can tackle this somewhat overwhelming problem in order to find the best surgeon who can give you the ideal solution which best meets your needs.


The accreditation of the surgeon is by far the most important thing in the list of requirements when considering the overall picture. Because if a surgeon has been accredited by the governing body in the country, then there is no doubt about his/her level of competency, as they would have triumphed through the rigorous educational, training and ethical programs set up by the governing body, in order to achieve the accreditation. This in itself should help you build confidence in a doctor. Because it means they have the necessary skills to be performing cosmetic surgery.

Experience matters

Experience is something which is very valuable for a doctor, and gives them a big tick of approval amongst patients, because there is no individual out there who will want to be the first person a doctor will be operating on. With years of experience under their belt surgeons can continue to enhance he skills they already possess, and continue to improve. Cosmetic surgery is an art and a patient ends up being the walking canvass of the surgeon. Therefore with time and experience a surgeon would have honed the art of body sculpting, which is essential for perfecting the final result. By asking your doctor for ‘’before and after’’ pictures of his/her previous patient you can make this call for yourself. Because an experienced doctor whose work speaks for him/herself, will have plenty of images to show you since the clients themselves will be pleased with the end result and will not hesitate to show you images of his/her previous work. You have to be vary of doctor who refuses to do so.

Another aspect in which experience matters is that, these surgeons would have gone and performed surgeries on a variety of patients and they are well aware the subtle changes that needed to be made in order to customize the surgery on each and every patient. They know what the many different outcomes of the surgery can be depending on the patient, and know how to vary their technique so that they can mitigate the unwanted effects. And while working with numerous patient, a doctor also develops the skills of learning to vary his/her bedside manner with each patient, knowing how to tackle the various personalities who can present to them.

And when a surgeon continues to specialize in certain procedures, it means that he/she is constantly in touch with these surgeries and they have developed a set of skills which set them apart from the rest. Because they continue to work only on a limited number of procedures day in and day out. Therefore you can trust them to be extremely meticulous in order to achieve the ideal outcome.

If you find a surgeon who meets all of the above mentioned criteria and you feel comfortable about opening with your concerns to him/her then, you should not hesitate to continue on to the surgery with them.

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