Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh Reviews And Patient Testimonials


Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh is a fantastic plastic surgeon. I had Rhinoplasty surgery in August last year and I am so grateful to the doctor and his team for their professional support and care provided through out my journey. I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking to get surgery done. The team are friendly and knowledgeable and I never ever felt unsure or alone. A fantastic surgeon!

Ahradhna Singh

It was just a walk in consultation but the way he explained to me about the procedure and why he would be doing it was more than convincing. It reflected his in depth knowledge about the subject. I being once bitten twice shy of the surgery gone wrong , but the doctor explained in great detail how he would go about to correct it. Also me being a Kashmiri with a special ethnic trait wanted to retain it and it was he who came forward to explain it to me. The surgery went hassle free and all in all was an excellent experience.

R S Ejaz

I was unhappy with my nose but couldn't specify the reasons. I was also bothered about making it look better but at the same time should not make me look completely different. Dr. Brajesh explained the various minute corrections that could be made to make it better at the same time not to grossly change my overall persona.

Shikha Shrivastava

It was very embarrassing for me to do my gym or swimming because of my enlarged breasts. It was taking a toll on my self confidence as well as my daily work outs, but, being scared of any surgery, I kept avoiding it. Finally I made an appointment with Dr. Brajesh. He is a gem of a person and he explained to me in great details about the surgery. He not only cleared my doubts but also allayed all my fears. The surgery lasted for couple of hours and I was discharged same day. The recovery was excellent and I got a flat chest and a good friend.

Vikas Kumar

Reading and hearing about the horror stories of cosmetic surgeries gone wrong always kept me away from consulting a plastic surgeon. But finally when I made up my mind to consult Dr. Brajesh from Medanta Hospital, for my broad and drooping nose, it was a pleasant surprise. Apart from the general persona what it striking of him is the great deal of effort it takes in understanding your concerns and trying to address it rather than imposing his opinion. Was very happy with the overall experience and would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in nose job.

Pankaj Sharma