Is the Cosmetic plastic surgery in India same as ordinary plastic surgery?

Is the Cosmetic plastic surgery in India same as ordinary plastic surgery?

August 3, 2018


We often hear about film stars having a plastic surgery done to lift their lips, reduce weight, change the shape of their nose, and make their eyes look broader along with other such treatments. Unlike the past, Cosmetic plastic surgery in India is now a possibility and is successful too. It makes us wonder what exactly plastic surgery is. Is there any plastic involved in plastic surgery? Is cosmetic surgery same as plastic surgery and so on?

Cosmetic plastic surgery in India is within the reach of the masses. It is not only meant for beautification but the restoration of tissues. However, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery have different goals. The former aims at reconstructing a normal appearance and function while repairing the damaged tissues. The later on the other hand focuses on enhancing appearance. The outcomes, the treatment mechanism and the philosophy behind both are entirely different.

Scope of surgery

Cosmetic surgery has numerous types and advantages. It helps you regain the confidence you lost along with your breasts since Breast Enhancement and reconstruction is a major procedure adopted worldwide in reconstructive surgeries. Plastic surgery involves a critical understanding of giving shape to an organ, it is similar to the work of a sculpture artist who carves every line on its masterpiece with great expertise. Otherwise, no patient would be willing to allow a procedure like Facial Contouring or Facial Rejuvenation. Not just that Body Contouring, Skin Rejuvenation as well as Defect Repair are other major services offered under the general term plastic surgery. The Cosmetic plastic surgery in India aims at enhancing the overall appearance of an individual and needs qualified as well as experienced medical practitioners.

How is Cosmetic plastic surgery in India different?

Plastic surgery is a generalized term that involves

  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Trauma surgery
  • Hand surgery
  • Surgery for Disorders
  • Congenital Defect Repair
  • Cosmetic surgery

Since cosmetic surgery is a part of plastic surgery as a whole, you would find that specialists in cosmetic surgery will be including things like Tummy tucking, Breast surgery, Liposuction and Face surgery. Evidently, the above-mentioned forms of surgeries are meant to improve the personality and appearance of an individual. Such a surgery is not a form of treatment but a way to help the victim regain confidence and look like other normal human beings.

Any deformity or scar makes a person vulnerable to a feeling of inferiority since people look at you with a sigh of pity or disgrace. Modern technology and medical advancements have opened up a pool of opportunities for everyone who wants to embrace the world with their arms wide open. With cosmetic surgery in India, you do not need to spend lacks or rupees to go abroad and get your treatment done. With excellent treatment facilities in India itself, patients can consult, seek guidance and get the treatment done with much ease as compared to flying all the way to another country and bear the extra cost of staying there along with the expenditure on treatment.