Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh helping to create beautiful and confident people in procedure at a time

Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh helping to create beautiful and confident people in procedure at a time

August 7, 2018


Leading Gurgaon Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh, offering Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery to people in and around Gurgaon

Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh is a qualified Plastic Surgeon that has created a niche for himself in the industry and the Gurgaon area, becoming one of the most sought-after surgeons in and around Gurgaon. The doctor’s exemplary service delivery that includes offering Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgical procedures has helped bring smile and confidence to the people of Gurgaon.

Surgery used to be described as a luxury, particularly for persons that go under the knife for strictly cosmetic reasons. However, the surgery has transcended being luxury to become a necessity especially for persons that need the procedure for corrective or reconstructive purposes as the case may be. Surgery has been described as a blend of art and science, and plastic surgery has it to a whole new level, involving the restoration, reconstruction and or alteration of parts of the body. However, the relatively high cost and inherent risks of surgical procedures have often scared many away. This is where Dr. Vimalendu with the help of his team is changing people’s perception of plastic surgery.

Dr. Vimalendu specializes in Reconstructive and Aesthetic/ cosmetic surgery offering a wide range of services that include facelift, breast reduction, hair transplant, lip augmentation, and abdominoplasty. Other services offered by the leading Gurgaon surgical expert are cleft lip, gynecomastia, and brachial plexus surgery.

The unique combination of quality and affordability while providing a comprehensive surgical solution to patients make Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh and his team the one-stop resource for all surgical needs. Consequently, accolades have continued to come from different quarters.

“I was unhappy with my nose but couldn’t specify the reasons. I was also bothered about making it look better but at the same time should not make me look completely different. Dr. Brajesh explained the various minute corrections that could be made to make it better at the same time not to grossly change my overall persona,” says Shikha Shrivastava.

More information about the services offered and how Dr. Vimalendu and his team can be of help can be found on the website.

Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh

Dr. Vimalendu Brajesh is a Qualified Plastic Surgeon trained in Plastic surgery from Grants Medical College Mumbai and J.J. Group of hospitals, Mumbai. Dr. Vimalendu further went for a specialized training in Rhinoplasty at Stuttgart Germany.

He is associated with Medanta, with expertise in Rhinoplasty & Facial Rejuvenation, Brachial Plexus Reconstructive Surgeries, and Hair Transplant, with hundreds of reconstructive microsurgeries and aesthetic surgeries done on patients in and around Gurgaon.